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Womack And Womack
Duration: 3:43
Whitney Houston...
Doctor & The Medics...
  • Commercial Free
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XperienceRewind is an online internet radio playing only music from the 70's and 80s with a Fully Automated Request System where you can choose from thousands of tracks and hear them played with no interuption from Dj's/Presenters or any annoying adverts between every song, just the odd XperienceRewind sweeper.

Tune in by clicking on the tune in link buttons of your choice of player, XR, Windows Media, Winamp or Real Player and listen to the great era of music from the 70s and 80s, Commercial Free and 24 Hours a Day, We play the music that YOU want to hear with our Fully Automated Request System so get requesting and let the memories flow...

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Auto Request System
XRRequests is a Fully Automated System so once you have made a request it will be placed in a queue of other requests ready to be played.. XRRequest System is online 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, We never turn it off...

There are thousands of tracks to choose from and it's very simple to use.
Click on "Request" and if you want, Add your name and a message which will be displayed on the website when your request is played.

The Request feature is now a Members only System, You must be a registered member to place Requests and add messages, This has been set in place due to the misuse of our system and to give members a better chance of hearing their chosen songs.
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Scunthorpe, UnitedKingdom
aged: 62
Selby, UnitedKingdom
aged: 42